Saturday, January 7, 2017

Driving with a Cojonu 2006

Saturday I was at the shop and during a short lull in activity I went looking through the walk-in humidor. I saw a box of Tatuaje Cojonu 2006, so selecting one and purchasing, I placed in in my travel humi for the drive home. Four hours latter I left the shop and started my drive home but not before preparing the cigar for enjoyment. The smell along the cigar gave hints of cocoa, dark earth and aged tobacco. Cranking up the truck, I lit the cigar which did so effortlessly giving initial flavors of pepper and malt with a short burst of parched nuts. About an inch in and the cigar had settled to a mix of earth, parched nuts and malt which I found to be very tasty. I headed south down the Interstate with a mass of traffic that, to my great fortune, was taking and eastern course as I turned to the southern exit. Months ago a small tornado had gone through here and in some places you could still see some evidence of it. I passed a small business that had part of its roof torn back that still has not been repaired as yet, and near it what was left of a storage unit. After getting out of the city, traffic had become much less with few cars headed south on a Saturday late afternoon, and shortly I would be taking and exit off the Interstate myself. A jeep with four young ladies in it slowly began to pass and it was easy to see they were on their way to a pool or river as a cooler was in the back and their dress proclaimed the fact. After passing me they drove past an eighteen wheeler who gave a friendly horn blast to the waving occupants. As I took the exit to begin the last part of my drive home I had come the mid area of the cigar, which now had begun to coat the palate in a faint creaminess as it gave flavors of malt and dark earth, with the parched nuts now becoming a tad lighter in their appearance and taste but yet still present with a mild spice mixed in. Not far past the middle I began to get touches of leather that reminded me of the smell of a new saddle. Leaving the Interstate behind, I headed down a two lane local highway south and to home. I enjoy this part of the drive as it is out in the country with so many peaceful things to greet the eyes and soul. There is a farm I pass that has an old flag on a pole in the front yard, and it would seem every time I pass there are tractors at work in one of the fields. Nearing my home town, hay is being cut in a large field and I rolled down the windows to smell that old familiar aroma coming from the piles of fresh cut hay. I turn off the small highway onto the road leading to my house as I was finishing the cigar, anxious to get home knowing that my wife was waiting with dinner and spiced tea for her and I to sit out back as the night crept in. the final part of my cigar as I finished, the creaminess had dissipated but the flavor of the leather had grown to the point it was matching the parched nuts that had now grown darker, and the malt becoming a tad less pronounced in the mix. Driving up to the house, I saw the outside light come on and my wife appear at the door waving, as I took the last puff of a nice smoking cigar which gave a pleasing finish with a hint of pepper in the last puff. The Tatuaje Cojonu 2006 was a nice smoking cigar that gave ample amount of flavor in its blend and one I will be smoking again.