Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"The Men and Women of Front Lines" by Joe Di Eduardo

Todays person on the front lines: Anthony Jimenez of Rocky Patel Cigars
There are many many people working together to make a cigar brand successful. As with anything in life it is these dispersed talents that bring together one of the storied blends and brands in the cigar industry. Rocky Patel emerged in the market in the mid nineties with Indian tabac and from there its all history in the making. I had the good fortune to be able to interview the creative director behind rocky Patel. Anthony Jimenez I asked the same standard questions posed to all of the interviews before Anthony's. I would first like to thank rocky Patel for his cooperation in this interview. Remember these series of interviews are of employees of a business and as such represent that company. Much like I represented the sheriff of my county Before I retired this year. I hope this gives you another interesting peek into the world of cigars. Thanks for reading and enjoy!!

1 Can you tell me  some info on .your background  so our readers can get to know your better? Where were you born? Any hobbies? Etc.

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida to Cuban-American parents. I'm an artist, designer, husband, father, sports fanatic and an avid cigar enthusiast. I graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. As far back as I can remember, I loved to draw. I always knew I wanted to find a career where I would use my artistic ability and creativity.

2.How did you get into the cigar industry?

Prior to working in the cigar industry, I was an architect and a freelance graphic designer. Years ago when I started enjoying cigars, I knew I wanted to work in this fascinating industry. I began designing logos, websites and advertising for some local cigar shops (Habana Cuba Cigar Lounge and Stogies). Later, Mario Sirulnik, owner of Stogies, put me in contact with Erik Espinosa from EO Brands (601, Murcielago, La Bomba) and I began to design for them. Erik then introduced me to Rocky and Nish Patel of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, where I am currently Creative Director.

3.Would you share some of  your responsibilities in the job you do?

To be CREATIVE. So far I've worked on everything from designing ashtrays, lighters, cutters, boxes, bands, advertisements, etc. My past experience in design and marketing has surely helped me along the way.

 4. What do you like the most about your job and the company you work for?

When I worked as an architect it only allowed me to be creative for a small percentage of the time. As opposed to this job where it's 100% of the time! Not to mention, I get to smoke cigars all day!What I love about working at Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is that the entire organization is passionate about the cigars we make. Our marketing and design team, which consist of Ratna Patel (Director of Lifestyle and Accessories), Rob Rimes (Art Director) and myself, is working hard to take this company to the next level. I'm proud of what we have accomplished and although I can't share with you what we are currently working on, I do want you to know that we will be coming out soon with some amazing new things! Most of which will be introduced at this year's IPCPR. I expect us to be the talk of the trade show!

So there you have it's not just whats in that cigar box but also whats on it, what you drop your ashes  in and even light that stick with! I would like to thank Anthony again for his taking time out for this interview And ending with that teaser! I'll "owe him one" for that. ;)  If nothing else rocky Patel is dynamic and progressive in the cigar industry and Rocky himself a tireless worker and promoter of his brand. It must rub off since Anthony did not hesitate to say yes when I asked him if he would mind being interviewed. I hope you enjoyed this latest interview.I'm working on more and varied for the future.

All the best-SMOKINJOE

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