Sunday, January 22, 2012

"The Men and Women of the Front Lines" By Joe Di Eduardo

"the men and women of the front lines" profiles of those in the leaf business.
By Joe Di Eduardo

Hi! allow me to introduce to you an unsung hero. yes I said unsung hero. Why? Ever wonder just how those lovely boxes and boxes of cigars got to your local B&M shop? I guarantee that rocky (as non stop as he is) didn't place them there himself. But then just how did they get there? For every rocky Patel,nick perdomo,Clint Aaron and Gary Griffiths there is a Nate Mcintyre. Who is Nate? well let me have him tell you in his own words

.Thanks for the opportunity to share a little bit...after the toil, the labor, the hunger, blood, and sweat of working with Gary, it's good to finally be heard. My goal is that maybe if one, just one poor beleaguered soul like myself can get his voice out, perhaps the decades of abuse will end.... ushering in a dawn of a new generation where our genius is recognized, dare I say it..... celebrated. I'm not saying I'm a martyr....I just like to think that I'm dying for a cause bigger than myself.
I have no problems with bronze statues by the way. Make sure my head is shined up nice... just saying :)
Ok, I'm exhausted now lol

Seriously though, I'm just a farm kid from Alabama. I grew up near Florence, AL. I'm the first person in my family to ever leave for college and swore I wouldn't get into agriculture. My degree is in Bible, but I learned quickly that I'm not a very good politician. I got into the business when a dear friend of mine, Paul Bush from Panacea asked why I'm not selling his cigars...I kinda wondered that to. So, three years later here we are. I'm an enthusiast first and foremost, so sharing my excitement is pretty easy.
You asked about martial arts. My wife is a first degree and I'm a second degree blackbelt in Songahm Tae Kwon Do. It's a traditional martial art, and it teaches me as much about life as anything I do. The skills I'm learning in martial arts I use everyday, in between moments where I'm trying not to make a total idiot of myself falling on my butt doing it.
An average day for me starts around 4:30 or 5:00 AM. I like the solitude of early morning, and hate missing it. I typically get up, answer emails and give some of y'all a little hell on twitter. I sip some coffee, read, and relax. I'm still in a full time office job, so while there I do my work and plot with Gary. I also communicate with my retailers as need be. Weekends I typically am either doing events or visiting shops as well. I'm a customer and think of my retailers as friends. It's a strenuous, but very rewarding position to be in.
I have a very organized schedule (typically) that I follow each week, and live off a calendar. My evenings are either out enjoying time with retailers or home with family. I'm a dad, husband, and cigar man through and through. I just am finding myself in the rare place of being able to learn from people much smarter than myself, and it's an honor. If you believe in what you do, be yourself, and surround yourself with those better at your job than you, I typically find that you'll do pretty well. So far, it's been the case. I'm deeply honored and humbled by the support we receive from all of you fellow enthusiasts. It makes the long hours worth it. It helps that there are so many great craft cigars out there. I see my job as, in some ways, representing all of them.

Nate is a rep for both Emilio cigar brands and Panacea brands cigars. he works a full time office job and has" traveled as far away as 300 miles or so:(his words)to rep for these brands.He has B&m accounts from Ohio to Tennessee and then some. He's also a hoot to follow on twitter. (@cigarnate)he's also the quintessential farm boy who had wonder lust for something else. He Is one of the many people who's love for cigars has brought him into this field of work. So the next time you see a box of Emillio cigars or Panacea cigars just remember that some ones hands have placed them there with care and hopes that you will enjoy them.

In the following months I hope to be doing more "interviews" and introducing you to the men and women who get it done for the product they believe in and work for. remember as Nate said I' am a consumer" as well. This is a business but its people who are doing that which makes America great. believing in what they do and the product they represent. It's not hokey its just the American way.

-all the best


jd said...

I think it would be cool to post how someone could become a rep maybe with job opportunities listed!

Nick Holloway said...

Never heard of the guy. ;-)

Chris said...

Great post idea Joe, Those guys put in a lot of hours. Nate's a good guy too

paul knettler said...

I hope to be able to meet Nate some day soon. I'm learning bits and pieces about him from Gary who has the utmost praise and respect for him.

smokin Joe said...

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read & reply. A common thread in the 20th century writting was the everyman hero. We don't hear about that guy these days. I just think we should. More to come .

smokin Joe said...

A common thread in 20th century writting was the everyman hero. I think we don't hear enough about him anymore. Thanks for taking the time to read & reply. More to come!