Friday, October 28, 2011

Xikar Stratosphere lighter

The Stratosphere lighter from Xikar takes quality lighters to a new level, that level being a great lighter for anyone who loves the outdoors but does not want to take an elegant lighter to the woods. The Stratosphere has a protective rubber body that stands up to those hunting trips, hiking trails, or if you work in construction, it can take the hard work you go through each day.

You will notice also the lanyard attached to the body to secure the lighter to you belt, backpack, etc. to prevent loss.

There is also a window to check
fuel supply

The flame adjustment is just as durable as the body, located on the bottom
and large enough to handle when your job requires the use of gloves.

The door latch is easy operation and is locate in plain sight so there is no distraction when your
on that hunting trip or at work.

It may not be chrome and shine like the sun but why should it when durability is the key. More than adequate air ventilation is provided for the torch and the lighting mechanism functions with out a hitch.

The source of the torch is just as durable as the lighter and built for years of service.

I took the stratosphere lighter to my farm during a weekend of work and play. It was dropped in the sand, fell from a tractor and passed from worker to worker who put it through the mill, and not one flaw or failure was encountered. Need a durable lighter for you cigars? Stratosphere by Xikar is the choice.

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