Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On a dock with a Tosa Reserva 22

Today my wife and I drove to a lake for a picnic and to fish. We packed early and drove to a lake about an hour away from us, and once there, found a great spot with a table, pier and grill. We decided to sit on the pier and fish for a while and being a short pier, it had shade from some close trees. I baited my wife’s hook for her and then mine and cast out to enjoy some great time together. I pulled from my pocket a Tosa Reserva 22. A very nice looking cigar with an even medium brown wrapper with very few veins and those present are small. The pre lit aroma was of compost and coffee making my look forward to the bounty to be produced. I put the torch to work, creating a billow of smoke from the cigar and giving me flavors of spice much like pepper but with hints of cinnamon, with an earthy background. Near three quarters of an inch in and the cigar settles into a stride emitting a complex and tasty morsels of which are earth, mild cedar and coffee. The spice at this point had mellowed into a fine coating surrounding the other flavors. I sat back against a post on the pier to relax while the cork gently bounced in the rippling water, while it seems my wife had put her pole down and decided to catch some sun as the shade of the trees vanished with the moving sun. An aluminum boat slowly trolled by and knowing the two men, briefly chatted with them, discussing what was being caught this morning and what bait was working today. My wife smile and proclaimed to one of the men we new that shouldn’t he be home cutting his grass, with which he laughed and told her his wife had to have something to do today. As the moved on we laughed about taking time from work and just being lazy, enjoying the day. She got up to set the table and seeing that my fishing was not that great, I followed and started the grill for steaks. While they cooked, sat on the bench next to it as I reached the middle of what is a very good smoking cigar. At this point of the smoke, the coffee had become much like dark French roast, with the earth still in attendance and showing now hints of mild sweetness somewhat unto a toffee, with the spice still showing but more in the exhale. Shortly after and further into the cigar, soft leather began to show. After lunch was done, we decided to put all thing away in the truck and just go for a walk along the paths the have set up. The walk was shaded, and wild blooms were still evident in many places. The path lead us back to the truck so as my wife got in I finished my cigar before the ride home. I have to say the Tosa Reserva 22 is a very tasty cigar, with the ending being that of leather, black coffee and earth, but in the ending, the spice lost its ever-faint sweetness and gave more of a pepper burst, which I found most enjoyable. If you have not heard of Tosa, check out their website at, and try them for yourself. You may find it’s bound for your humidor.




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