Friday, April 8, 2011

A hammock and a 262 Cigars Ideology

I decided that with the weather becoming nice and the sky clear, that I would do something I haven't done in years, but a hammock. When I was much younger, I had one at a former house and loved on a weekend day to relax in it and watch the clouds go by with my wife. Coming back with the purchase in hand, I selected a 262 Cigars Ideology to enjoy while putting it up and then relaxing in it. I had gotten the type that secures to trees so selecting to pecan tress in my back yard I proceeded to get the thing in place. Adjusting for height and sage, I secured the first end and started on the second, when I realized that it was going to take a stretch to secure it to the second tree. Nevertheless, there it was, hanging nicely, waiting to be occupied. As I remembered it was easy to get into so grabbing one side I set in only to find it sway landing me fast onto the ground below. This is not as I remember. Trying again albeit slowly, I managed to get in it and lean back on the pillow. I had already punch cut my cigar so I torched it up and after lighting was very pleased with the initial flavors being given by the stick being that of a creamy texture with touches of peanut brittle, hay and very mild toast. The smoke, while abundant, was very mild and delicate, making the smoke very easy to exhale through the sinuses. A little more into the cigar, and hints of cedar appear, with still the sweetness of the peanut brittle and hay remain, but with the latter becoming more of a rye grass note. If you grew up on a farm, rye grass was easy to pluck up and use as a toothpick or just to chew on. Laying there enjoying the smoke, I watched as lazy clouds slowly drifted by in the gentle breeze. Puffs of cotton balls slowly meandering across a blue sky, with no hurry to their pace but all destined in the same direction. I think there are time our thoughts do the same. Reaching the middle of the cigar, I watched a wood pecker who had landed near the top of the tree, head bobbing around looking for the right place, then hammering at a spot to search for its meal, while the cigar was issuing a most intriguing mix of cedar, sweet brittle, slight hints of mild coffee and a very mild spice somewhat like ginger in the mix. Continuing into the reaches and realms of the cigar, I watched the sky and the parade that passed by. The clouds had grown, becoming somewhat darker which foretells of rain to come, as off in the distance thunder can be heard. A cool breeze sweeps through with the smell of rain giving the senses an unmistakable deep breath. As I saw my wife coming out the door, I was finishing the wonderfully mild cigar yet with much flavor, giving at the end hints of pepper, cedar, and the brittle which was ever present with mild coffee to top it off. My wife walked up to the hammock as I had just gotten rid of the nub and went to sit beside me, and once we both got up off the ground decided to go in as the first drops of rain began to fall.
The 262 Cigars Ideology is a wonderful mild cigar but yet at times of the verge of medium, and gives abundant flavor. Pick up a few and see what you taste and enjoy.