Monday, March 28, 2011

Sitting with a 262 Cigars Paradigm

While some were watching little league baseball this weekend such as two friends of mine, my wife and I took two days for a fast get away just to unwind, back out to our favorite spot out in the country. Late Saturday afternoon we took time, after a long walk through the woods, to sit on the back porch and enjoy watching the cattle across the way as well as just enjoying each others company. We lit cigars up to smoke while we whiled away the afternoon, now I wont mention hers here but mine was a 262 Paradigm. beautiful cigar that gave a nice cut and took to the torch like a champ, producing a wonderful roasted nut and a silky soft chocolate essence flavor combination, and about an inch in started noticing a touch of spice. Enjoying our cigars, my wife remarked how pleasant the aroma was from my cigar and offered to trade. Seeing that hers now had lipstick on it, I turned down the offer for somehow I had the fear of company dropping by and finding me smoking a lipstick covered cigar which would lead to numerous comments I would rather avoid. Working my way through the cigar I must say how tasty it is, nearing the mid point and giving a taste bud pleasing complexity of flavors from roasted nuts, to now a darker chocolate and very slight hints of dark coffee. We saw a Mocking bird sitting on a fence post, moving its head from side to side, and telling my wife to watch, saw it deftly swoop down to the field grabbing some small insect its keen eyes detected. In our busy lives we sometimes overlook the simple yet complex sights that we should never miss. The afternoon was starting to dim as my cigar soon drew to a close, giving a smoking experience that was a true joy, with the final flavors being the same as the mid point but a hint of leather at the finish. Putting out the remains of our cigars, we decided to take another walk together in the dimming light. The 262 Cigars Paradigm is absolutely a delightful smoke and when I can get in touch with a friend watching little league I will pass the word along to him as well. This weekend, why don't you find a place for you and your loved one to get away, you may be amazed at what you rediscover. And take a handful of 262 Paradigm's with you.