Monday, March 21, 2011

A cork and an Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro

This Saturday I took time to take my fishing pole and bait to a nearby lake. I chose not to use a boat but instead sit on the bank and enjoy the peace and stillness that envelopes the back of the lake. Once unloaded and set up, I baited my line and gently tossed the hook and cork out to length, making a gentle plop in the still morning. I had brought with me a Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro, so clipping the tip I torched it up. There was still an early morning mist on the water, and off to one side I heard a fish strike, whose sound was loud in the stillness. Pulling deep on my freshly torched cigar, my pallet was awakened by the flavors of deep coffee, rich soil and very mild spice almost peppery to the taste. The cigar is beautifully rolled and its appearance pleasing in a nice dark maduro. About an inch into the stick, I detected a mild sweetness somewhat like cinnamon bread that is coated heavy with the spice that would show a tad in the puffs. At this stage of the cigar, smoke oak tones were joining in among the now dark coffee and soil. Sitting on that bank, breathing deep that cool morning fresh are, I saw turkeys across the way walk into a clearing. What a sight as I sat still, as they fed and lingered for a short time. My attention was drawn suddenly to my cork, that now had slowly started to dance in the water, then becoming still again, only to disappear below. puling back on the pole seeking to snag the fish, it had other ideas as the line went limp, bait now gone. Re baiting, I tossed again out to length and returned to enjoying my cigar. Now at the mid point, bitter sweet chocolate had joined in, with the coffee now a dark French roast in comparison, with the soil less noticeable, but the oak tones still present making ones taste buds dance with delight as the smoke enriched the mouth upon each tantalizing draw. I saw as a turtle surfaced not far from me, nose only at first, then finding a log, meandered slowly from the water to warm itself in the coming sun shine. The further I noticed that I got into this cigar, the richer the flavors became, making this a very nice smoke, not overly complex, but more than enough to give your pallet a joyful treat with a finish that finessed the senses. Deciding I had been here long enough, I gathered my belongings and walked back to the truck. Once seated, I sat with the door open to finish my cigar while watching as a couple of local ducks took a morning dip, flapping their wings and rolling their heads in the water. The ending of this wonderful cigar brought with it a nice round of pepper spice, with the coffee now having a touch of chicory to it, and the bitter sweet chocolate almost chewy in nature with the wood giving a sightly creamy finish to the mouth. The Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro is a wonder cigar with a treat in each puff. If your a Tempus fan, try this one. Its of course one I will be buying more of.

Special thanks to Bill at Havana Smoke Shoppe Jackson Mississippi