Friday, November 13, 2015

Duo cigar Review

by:Alisha Eustace

Country of Manufacture: Dominican Republic
Rolled: Private factory in Canca de Piedra, Dominican
Size: 6×52 
Vitola: Toro
Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
MSRP: $7.50
Sample: Sent in by Lucky Leaf Cigars
Quantity smoked: 3

The day these cigars came in the mail I opened them and smelled the packaging they were in. I knew they were going to be good but I wasn't expecting what I got from an upcoming boutique brand.  The first smell that caught my nose was that of chocolate and espresso. This is by far one of my favorite flavors.  The wrapper is dark and oily, firm with small veins and I noticed no hollow spaces. The cold draw is full of deep chocolate notes.  

I toast and light the cigar with a lotus lighter the smell immediately reminds me of a coffee shop on a cold day it is  a scent that makes you feel warm and cozy.  The first draw is strong with hints of dark chocolate and coffee.  As I work further into the first third it starts to become very creamy much like milk chocolate.  The retro hale is a sweet coffee flavor. The burn is a bit uneven but corrects and ash is building very nicely.  Ending the first third the dark chocolate has  almost entirely faded into a light espresso flavor. 

Coming into the second third this cigar stays smooth but starts to take on a light earthy tone still maintaining that chocolate balance.  This cigar stays smooth throughout the second third.  The draw never requires much effort.  Hints of coffee start to become stronger as I near the end of the second third.  This flavor never over powers the smooth silky milk chocolate notes.  The ash is still building and has not dropped yet.  

Upon the final third of this cigar the retro hale has a very creamy cocoa tone that lingers nicely in the back of the palate.  I start to notice that dark chocolate flavor building back up from the beginning. The ash has finally dropped it held on surprisingly well.  This cigar never becomes bitter it stays very smooth from start to finish. The chocolate and espresso flavors are very well balanced.  The  final draw is very pleasing  leaving a very creamy espresso flavor on the palate.  The burn stays even and consistent the entire way I did not need to correct any burn issues. The nicotine level never becomes over whelming.  

Final thoughts:  As I sit up in my bedroom smoking this cigar while I type I can only wish I had another one.  I have smoked many maduro wrapped cigars but this one really stands out.  The chocolate espresso flavor never leaves the palate and stays very balanced start to finish.  This cigar took me about an hour to smoke.  This makes a very good cigar to smoke with a nice warm cup of coffee after a good meal.  I would absolutely recommend this smoke to any of my friends.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Welcome Alisha

GCPuffs is proud to announce the addition of Alisha Eustace as a writer. Make her feel welcome, she is a great addition to the family


Cigar Reviewed: Padrón Dámaso No. 15
Named after: Damaso Padron grandfather of Jose O. Padron
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Factory: Tabacos Cubanica S.A.
Wrapper: Undisclosed Connecticut-seed
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6 Inches
Ring Gauge: 52
Vitola: Toro
Date Released: July 24, 2015
Number of cigars smoked for review: 3

As I unwrap this cigar I get the immediate smell of hay.  Much like the smell of my grandfathers farm during hay season.  This cigar is firm with small veins I notice no cracks and it is double capped.  The cold draw has hints of cedar and is peppery.  The draw is real lose and doesn't require much effort.

I toast and light the cigar with a soft flame lighter. On the first draw I get strong hints of pepper  and earthy tones.  After the second and third draw the pepper starts to fade and the earthy tones start to take the forefront. It becomes very creamy with hints of nutmeg starting to appear the further I move into the first third.  The retro hale is heavy with sweet creamy notes. This cigar has a very quick burn.  First third had a completely even burn.

As I move into the second third the peppery tones have all but disappeared.  The cigar moves into a very creamy smooth flavor. On retro hale the tobacco and cream is a perfect harmony.  Ash drops midway through second third.  Slight metallic background but still very smooth cedar
notes. This cigar is very  well balanced with hints of sweet tobacco. It is over all extremely creamy with low nicotine levels.  As I begin to round out  second third the pepper notes start to reappear this balanced with the buttery tobacco flavors makes for one amazing smoke.  I noticed very small burn issues nothing really noteworthy and all corrected on their own.

Moving into the last third the cedar tones are getting stronger with a nice earthy balance. A mild to medium complexity builds. The peppery tones are hanging out in the background building with each draw.   On retro hale I get a very balanced blend of nutmeg and cinnamon tones it is very pleasing to the palate. Nearing the end of the last third the pepper has ramped up but the sweet cedar notes keep it very well balanced.  Final few draws are very balanced with a nice big creamy finish.  Burn remains even with a nice firm ash upon finish.

Final thoughts:  Compared to other Padrons I've smoked such as the 1964 Anniversario this is a very smooth cigar.  This cigar never overwhelms the palate and leaves a pleasant sweet aftertaste.  It remains balanced from initial draw to final draw.  It is very low in nicotine and would be a great smoke for a beginner. Start to finish it took me about 45 minutes to complete.  I would definitely recommend this cigar and smoke it again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review: Perdomo Small Batch Maduro

I’ve never been a short run or small batch fan of cigars because if I like something I would like to know I can still get it later. But sometimes things look too good to pass up.
Such is the case with Perdomo Small Batch Maduro. Nice and dark appearance to it with a nice sheen. I punch cut the beauty and walk outside to the first cooler weather of the year. It’s been a hot summer so this was refreshing. I sat out front with a nice bourbon and lit the cigar.

The first portion of the cigar begins with a nice draw and a very taste hit of spice on the first draw. Right after the zesty spice comes a nice round house of high content cocoa, a dark roast coffee mix and a very subtle velvety creaminess.
Moving into the first portion it is very noticeable that shortly into the cigar, the flavor transitions begin wonderfully as the coffee and cocoa begin to trade predominant places as hints of black walnut and a toffee sweetness begin to come into play. But even with these nice additions, the dark coffee and cocoa remain high. Moving toward the end of the first portion comes a nice touch earthiness much akin to the aroma you get from fresh turned dark soil. I grew up on a farm and that is perfume to me. The flavors switch so wonderfully in the cigar so far it make you anticipate the next draw.

Into the second portion of the cigar, the flavors from the first remain with the coffee taking the lead and the smoke leaving a nice velvety finish to the tongue. The sweetness shows a tad more as does the earth but both working nicely together as the cocoa acts a a flavor wrapper before the coffee.
As I draw long and deep on the cigar I look at this beautiful day and try to unload my mind of so many things I have to deal with. I have been search for just one day that peace can be the main factor of the day and all other thoughts can go on vacation but it won’t be today as thoughts of all I need to take care of flood my mind.

Moving now into the last part of the cigar, the smoke is bountiful and the aroma fantastic. All flavors are showing perfectly as the spice now comes back into play and what reminds me of tanned leather begins to show. The final puff of the cigar gave a succulent heavy smoke as the power house of spice, coffee, earth and leather poured ahead, with the black walnut and toffee sweetness following perfectly.

The Perdomo Small Batch Maduro is one great smoking cigar that is a nice addition to the Perdomo stable of smokes and one you should try.


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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

La Imperiosa review

Yes i'm still here, just have not had much time to write lately, but now i'm back typing away. The cigar to day is a great one to get back to writing with, La Imperiosa from Crowned heads. After 30 years of smoking cigars I sometimes feel jaded, not looking for a new big win nor finding many surprises in new cigars, and that is my fault due to oversight and low expectations at times. I picked up several from my shop for a long weekend as I would finally have some me time and time to just relax. As of late free time has been non existent so this felt like a luxury. I had two full days off so the next morning after I awoke, I fixed breakfast as it was a Saturday morning. After a home made omelet, I poured coffee and walked out to the deck to enjoy the morning. This is a nice and dark cigar, some veins but nothing obtrusive, just the great look of the leaf. The feel of the cigar in the hand is good, subtle yet you can notice the sheen from the slight oils. I used my Xikar and make fast work, torching up the foot. Once lit, the first thing noticed was a burst of flavor that reminds me closely of black strap molasses and spice. This continued for about one fourth of an inch, then the cigar shifted. 

The first part of the cigar brought a velveteen smoothness with a hearty hard wood and black strap combo that delighted the palate. Soon into the first part of the cigar, you could detect a slight citrus flavor far in the background but yet noticeable with the flavors being given. This is not an average cigar, this cigar delivers to the palate a cavalcade of flavor that erupts in a non stop flood of torrential complexity that keeps your attention yet soothes the mind.

As I move into the second part of the cigar, I am perplexed yet enticed as hints of toasted French bread begin to unfold in the myriad of flavors being produced. There is also a slight saltiness that I assume comes from the toasted bread that appears, making the taste buds salivate in glorious expectation of the next draw from the cigar as hints of cayenne appear. This has become a hearty cigar, with flavors that satisfy the palate and leave no dull wonderment as to what is being derived in the smoke.

Moving into the final part of the cigar, the French toast and black strap, mixed with a dose of tangy spice, make for a velvety yet smooth smoke that coats the oral factors with a rich essence of tobacco that has been carefully cared for and blended. As the cigar begins to draw to a close, a noticeable spike in the intensity of the flavors is amply noticeable with a rush of exuberant spice, slight saltiness and the essence of the hard wood and molasses combining in a theatrical performance that dances upon the palate.     

I hated for this cigar to end so I was more than pleased I had brought extra home. The La Imperiosa from Crowned Heads is a crowning achievement in blending and construction, and if I may be so bold and use a baseball term, has hit it completely out of the park. 

If you have yet to try this cigar, search for it diligently at your local B&M. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the slightest.

These cigars and all cigars reviewed can be found at Havana Smoke Shoppe in Jackson, Mississippi. The cigar shop with the largest selection in central Mississippi.